The company formation is quite new (2006), but we have been based in the Pacific doing research for over a decade. 

What a Weird Name?

Call us trying to establish a brand, or an identity, or even pretentious in spelling ‘Oceanic’ with a ‘k’ instead of a ‘c’ but we wanted to be different from all the other Oceanias and Oceanics that exist. On the other hand our work does extend throughout the Pacific which is sometimes referred to as Oceania.

‘Psi’ on the other hand is for the greek letter ‘p’. It is often used as short hand to either stand for psychology, or (for parapsychologists) to stand for psychic abilities.

Doing behavioural & ecological research right since 1994 (copyright Oceanik Psi Ltd - 2007, email: info [at] oceanikpsi.org)